The Gooch Water Curse

I’ll try to spare the insurance shots… but here’s a general idea.  We woke up to severe weather and took the kiddos downstairs.  In about 15 minutes there was water entering a window well sill plate and then the primary sump pump was overwhelmed.  I had a second one so I hooked it up and punched 100’ of PVC pipe into the field behind our house.  That seemed to keep up, but there was just too much water and we ended up with some minor leakage on a few walls.  Thank goodness for the subfloor I installed (see basement page, picture DSC0006). I’m pretty sure that saved the carpet.  Our neighbors had 24” in their basement.  We now have a 5kw generator, a 1hp jet pump (outdoors) and 2 sump pumps in 2 pits.  Nothing like being prepared after the fact, eh?
On a lighter note, we went to Holiday World and had a good time.  It was quite the stress reliever.