Some theater work/Projection

Here’s two projects I worked on for the Indianapolis Opera.  It was Puccini’s Tosca and the scenic elements were all projections onto fabric scenic flats.  So I got to come up with a way to shoot hi-def images 135’ onto scenery.  The gear list was:
2 Christie DS+8k HD projectors
1 MacPro 8-core tower with 3 HD video cards
1 good calculator!
Sitting behind the projectors in a booth for 2.5 hours was a little tortuous…but it turned out great!
The second set of pics are from the Tales of Hoffman.  A little different setup- two different screens with two different things happening at once.  I also had to do a bit of Photoshop work to get the imagery right…but it turned out cool, too!
The third set are from Das Rheingold, which was an entirely different setup and run.  The content was all motion-based video (no stills) and we had to really mess with the aspect ratio. It turned out something crazed like 2.8:1.
Video imagery courtesy Joachim Schamberger.