My name is Jeff Gooch and I run this site and blog purely for the heck of it (and to exercise some tech skills along the way).  It’s also a way for my extended  family to catch up with my immediate family.  I chose this route (as opposed to some freebie hosted site) for a couple of reasons.  I completely control it’s destiny and design.  I get to learn coding and the way websites work.  I get a boatload of free email addresses.  

I am a stagehand at a theatre in Indianapolis.  Technically, I’m the “video guy”.  An A/V nerd.  I have been called a “swiss-army knife” of technology, that is, I don’t really excel at one thing….I do a great many things.  I hook up theatrical lighting rigs, robotic lights, projection rigs, do some graphic design, shoot, edit, build things out of wood/metal/plastic, you name it.  I manage a small network at home as well as a number of computers at work.  I use Mac, Linux, Windows, whatever works. Hopefully I’ll write about some of the things I do and we can all learn and the world will be better.

My wife Julie and I are the proud parents of Olivia, Hannah, and Ivan. We also have a cat, Mike.

Here’s our contact info:

Jeff’s Email(s)

 gooch@goochzone.com  jgooch@butler.edu   webadmin@goochzone.com   kingcaffeine@gmail.com

Googletalk (Jabber)-  kingcaffeine

Julie  mswjules@gmail.com   mswjules@comcast.net

Googletalk (Jabber)-  mswjules

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