New camera…

We have entered the 21st century and bought a video camera.  It is actually our Christmas present to each other, but the reason is simplicity.  We had a camcorder that we bought before Olivia was born, so it’s a bit outdated. Plus- digitizing all the tapes is a pain.  It’s a surprisingly common problem.  The […]

Gear I Use: RMBR-300 Camera Controller

Next up is the camera controller.  I use the RMBR-300 by Sony.  It is quite a cool little unit and totally necessary if you want to control the movement of PTZ cameras.  There are a few different types out there, such as this one from Telemetrics and this one from Panasonic,  and they all do […]

Gear I use: Sony EVI-D70

Since my job is a little nebulous to most, I figured I would write about pieces of gear I use on a regular basis.  Attached is a really basic diagram of the system I’ve built at Clowes over the past 4-5 years. I’ll start with the cameras (circled in blue).  I have four of the […]


While this weekend’s gig was fairly painful, there was one bright spot.  To make a long story short, I am required to roll a couple of DVD clips for an awards program.  The problem is that there are very few pro-level DVD players that allow the type of cueing that I need- and they are […]

Teaching Audio Video

I teach a class in the Apprentice Training Program for my Local.  It’s mainly about what we used to call in the entertainment industry “video”, but it often times falls into many different categories.  I started last year by trying to discuss TV and the mechanics behind it, but I soon found I was discussing […]

Recording at the Hall

  Since it’s Sunday, we’re in the middle of instrumental music from JCFA, and that means recording.  At the hall, we use two Neumann u89 large diaphragm, condenser mics hung from a wire.  Signal hits a myriad of gear (that I won’t go into…suffice to say that it ends up on a CD….) before eventually […]