Claire at 8 weeks

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Memorial Day project…..

It always starts out innocently enough- “hey let’s go to Home Depot….we need light bulbs and some plant hangers….”. And it turned into “let’s re-do the driveway lights”. Easy enough. The ones we had were from a kit that we bought at Sam’s about 4 years ago…. They were LED and not the highest quality. […]

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Recent projects

I recently had the pleasure of doing projection design for Gustav Holst’s The Planets.  The Butler Symphony Orchestra had it scheduled for a while and the conductor, Richard Auldon Clark, and I sort of joked about doing “some projection”.  One thing led to another and whadda ya know- we did it.  I thought that projecting […]

New camera…

We have entered the 21st century and bought a video camera.  It is actually our Christmas present to each other, but the reason is simplicity.  We had a camcorder that we bought before Olivia was born, so it’s a bit outdated. Plus- digitizing all the tapes is a pain.  It’s a surprisingly common problem.  The […]

New lens pics

The new Sigma lens is ALRIGHT!  As proven by the following snaps.  We went to see our friend’s new baby, Cole, and it was a prime opportunity to test.  Plus, you can’t beat seeing a new baby! Bookmark It