No fun at the doctor

Claire had a 4 month checkup, which unfortunately included shots. The picture pretty much sums up her feelings on the matter… Bookmark It

One for the Aunties

Claire in her Awesome Auntie shirt Bookmark It

All kinds of new stuff….

I’ve gone ahead and started a new blog over at Primarily for two reasons.  1. My original intent for THIS blog was to have a little bit of everything….family, technology, life-in-general. 2. Two blogs on the same domain is a pain. The other site will ONLY about the topics of projection and it’s fellow […]

Musings on server-side config, wp-cache, and PHP5

So I went to update my WordPress install to the latest ( ). Piece of cake, right? Just hit “update” and a minute later I should be rocking. Not so much. It turns out I need to upgrade the PHP version on my host server (Godaddy). It was set at v.4 and had the option […]


Apart from an oddly funny name, Keepass is a completely cool application for securely storing passwords. I use Keepass Droid, as well as Keepass X (for MAC) religiously. Having a website, more online accounts than I can count, and just as many email accounts makes keeping track of passwords pretty ridiculous. Keepass lets me do […]

Claire at 8 weeks

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The Androids are here……

At long last, I have ditched my trusty Palm 755p in favor of an Android phone.  I got the HTC Evo and it thoroughly rocks.  I suppose I could draw the inevitable conclusions to the iPhone, but I’ll refrain.  I’m a big fan of the “the right tool for the right job” and “stick with […]

Happy Earth Day!

What better way to celebrate than update the rain barrel project.  I needed jussssst a liiiiiitle bit more pressure from the gravity fed drip system that I installed, so I raised the barrel up to 6′.  This will give me approximately 3 PSI in addition to the actual water pressure.  I also turned one of […]

Kiddo Video

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This is why I keep my skills up….. Bookmark It